๐Ÿ”’Force Variants

If you want to force a group of users to see a specific variant, you can do that using the Force Variants feature. It works by appending an optibaseVariants search param to a URL and send that URL to the group of users.

One common use case is running two different ad campaigns and wanting one campaign always to see one variant and another campaign to see another variant. This can be achieved by sending traffic to the campaigns to URLs with different optibaseVariants search params.

To force a variant, navigate to the Variants page on the Optibase Web App and click the Preview/Force Icon.

You will then see a Modal explaining Preview and Force Variant functionality. Input the URL where your test will be run and click the "Copy" button.

This will copy the URL with an appended search param that, when opened, will force a variant to be opened.

Example of a URL: https://example.com?optibaseVariants=header_text:variant_b

If you want to force a variant from multiple tests, you can string together the optibaseVariants search params separated with a semi-colon like this: optibaseVariants=header_text:variant_b;header_footer:variant_a

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