๐ŸงชWhat is a Test/Variant Group

How to create a Test: Create a Test/Variant Group

What is a Test in Optibase?

In Optibase, a test is a way to determine what works best on your website or app. It involves creating different Variants (versions) of a part of your site or the whole page and then seeing which Variant people like more or respond to better. There are two main types of Tests you can do: A/B Tests and Split Tests.

A/B Test / Variant Group:

  • In an A/B Test / Variant Group, you change just one small thing on your site. This could be a button, a bit of text, an image, or a form.

  • For example, you might make the button a different color or the text larger.

  • Then, when people visit your site, they randomly see one of these Variants.

  • The goal is to see which small change makes people do something important, like buying or signing up. We call these Conversions.

URL Split Test:

  • A URL Split Test is more extensive. Here, you change a whole webpage.

  • You might adjust many things, like the layout, the colors, or where certain elements are placed.

  • Visitors are randomly directed to one of these whole page variants.

  • The purpose is to see which big changes lead people to do important actions more often, like clicking on something or purchasing. We call these Conversions.

Multivariate Test

  • In Multivariate Test, you simultaneously test multiple elements on the same page.

  • For each element on the page, you should create a Variant Group.

  • A Variant Group is just an A/B Test defined inside a Multivariant Test.

  • A Multivariate Test can be seen as a group of A/B Tests

  • You can see how each of the Variant Groups performed and how the different combinations of Variant Groups performed together.

Additional Testing Features in Optibase:

  • Geo-Restriction: You can limit your test to specific countries, allowing you to tailor your content to different geographic audiences and understand regional preferences.

  • Screen Size Restriction: Tests can be restricted to certain screen sizes, enabling you to optimize user experiences uniquely for desktop, tablet, or mobile users.

Conducting these Tests can help you learn a lot about what your visitors prefer and what encourages them to take important actions. This information can help you make your website or app more effective and user-friendly. Optibase makes it easy to set up and run these Tests, giving you valuable insights into improving your digital presence.

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