๐ŸชžWhat is a Variant

How to create an A/B Variant: Create an A/B Variant

How to create a Split Variant: Create a Split Variant

A variant is a different version of something on your website that you test to see which one is better.

In an A/B Test:

  • Here, a Variant is just a small part of your webpage or app. It could be a button, a piece of text, a picture, or a form.

  • You might change this part a little, like making the button a different color or the text bigger, and then test it.

  • People visiting your site randomly see one version of this part, and you check which one makes them click more or do something important (like buying or signing up).

  • The first Variant you create in an A/B Test will be the Main Variant. The Main Variant will be visible by default. This means that if a test is restricted or in Draft, this is the Variant that will be shown.

In a Split Test:

  • In this kind of test, a Variant is a whole webpage.

  • You change a lot of things on the page, like where things are or what colors you use.

  • Then you see which version of the whole page gets people to do important things more, like clicking or buying.

  • People are randomly taken to one of these whole page versions, and you watch to see which one works best.

  • The first Variant you create in a Split Test will be the Entry Variant. The Entry Variant will be the entry to your Split Test. When a user lands on the Variant, they will either stay on the page or be redirected.

  • If a user lands on a non-entry Variant, they will not be redirected.

So, in an A/B Test, you're changing and testing one small thing. In a Split Test, you're changing and testing a whole page. Both ways help you make your website or app better by seeing what people like and what makes them do important things.

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