๐Ÿง‘What is a Tested User

A Tested User is someone who visits your website and is shown a test. Here's how it works with Optibase:

Picking a Variant

Optibase picks a variant of a test on the website. To avoid confusion, the user will see the same variant every time they visit.

Keeping Variants consistent

If the user leaves and returns later, they will still see all the same webpage variants they saw before. This helps make sure the test results are reliable.

Tracking across subpages

When a user triggers a Conversion Event (like signing up or buying something), Optibase attributes that Conversion Event to all the Variations the user has ever seen, even if that Variation is not present on the current page but was present on the previous page.

Tracking across domains (Cross-Domain Tracking)

Only in the Business and Professional plan.

A Test User is also tracked across different domains as long as the same Optibase Custom Script is present on both domains.

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